Friday, April 18, 2008

Road Trip to Montana

Last week we went on a last minute adventure to Darby, Montana, to visit some dear family friends. Bill and Esther McDonald moved up there last year and we have been anxious to visit them. So we loaded up our two new puppies, Jonas and Mac, and headed out along with my mom, dad and my niece, Kiana. Tony was a maniac with his Monster energy drink and drove 22 hours straight through to Darby (with a few puppy bathroom breaks of course). Poor little Jonas got car sick but other than that the road trip wasn't too bad. We had a great week of the amazing outdoors of Montana. We saw so much wildlife including a bald eagle, wild turkeys, deer, wild mountain goats and antelope. Bill and Esther were great tour guides, showing us all of the great local spots to eat and shop.  Also, Jonas and Mac got their first experience of snow on their paws.  Sometimes last minute trips turn out to be the best!

Eighteen {18}

Welcome to our new blog! As I began to write this post I realized it is April 18th. The 18th is a very special date in my life. Here is a little background. I was born on January 18th, my older sister, Renee, was born on March 18th, my mother Jeri, was born on June 18th, and my older brother, Bryan, born on July 18th. Then there is my little brother, Joshua, who was due on October 18th, which was going to get us into the Guinness World Record Book, BUT he came early on the 13th, breech and ended up being left handed. Go figure!

With that being said you can understand the excitement I felt when I first learned when Tony's (my husband) birthday is... November 18th. It was at that moment that I knew he was meant to be a part of my life and family forever (Okay, I already knew but this was just another serendipitous moment for us).
We got married in Tahiti on November 18th, 2007. (Our official legal marriage certificate date in the states is actually August 18th, 2007) You knew our wedding anniversary was going to have to be on the 18th too.

So celebrate with us this special day of the 18th! I pray this blog will be a source of inspiration and a record of how far we have grown both personally and professionally through the years. Thanks for stopping by and sharing a piece of us.