Friday, June 27, 2008


I love my job! I love being able to do something that I am passionate about but also that has an affect on other people's lives. Sacha is one of my first bride's we shot here at Forever Keep Photography. Sacha and her husband Todd were truly a blessing to photograph.
I must start with saying that Tony & I give ALL the glory to meeting our cleints to the Lord. He continues to prove His faithfulness through each couple and family He brings to us. Todd and Sacha are no exception. We are so thankful for them. It is such a bonus when a client becomes a friend. This proves furthermore that our paths did not cross by accident. Sacha needed some head shots for a project she is working on and I was delighted when she asked me to do them. Sacha, you are beautiful inside and out. Thanks for believing in us!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom

God has truly blessed me and my family with an amazing mother. And today is a special day for a special person. We celebrated my mother's birthday at one of her favorite places, Yamato, a teppan-style japanese restaurant with really great service and really good food. (Much better than Benihana for sure.) Later we surprised her with a Cricut Expressions machine that she has been wanting for some time. Now ALL of her thank you cards can be super fancy and personalized =) Just another tool in the toolbelt of an avid scrapper. Later, my dad surprised her with an even bigger gift, two weeks in Aruba. Nice!! We hope you have a fun and relaxing time . You deserve it.

Happy birthday Mom. We love you and appreciate ALL of the sacrifices you make for your family and friends. You truly are a gem.


Tony, Danny, Mac and Jonas

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Love in L.A.

Earlier this month we got the chance to spend some time with Tim and Cindy during their engagement shoot. They were both born and raised in Los Angeles so they decided that the city would be the appropriate place to have the shoot. We initially met at the home where Tim grew up (in Pico Rivera). We took a few warm up shots and got to meet Tim's neat grandfather. Thereafter, we were off to downtown L.A. where the traffic is busy but the cool locations are many. We just didn't realize that we'd be 86'd from so many of these locations.

We began at the Los Angeles Public Library and worked our way around to The Standard (a famous hotel and nightspot). We were able to get alot of cool shots in the library's garden and fountain areas but were kicked off the premises because the security thought that our cute couple may fall into the fountain. Right?! Next was The Standard where Tim and Cindy often hang out at the rooftop bar. Apparently, the rooftop architecture is so "special" that we weren't allowed to take our cameras inside. Oh well! So we decided to forgo the hotel and take more pictures in the streets of L.A. But we were even stopped, at one point, from shooting near a particular building. What's the deal with L.A.? Isn't this the land of movies and pictures? Anyways... Tim and Cindy were great throughout the shoot and simply rolled with the punches, making the best of the situation. Let's talk more about them instead.

Cindy is a store manager for Lucky Brand Jeans located in Hollywood. She's been working for Lucky for about a year or so and has been in the retail clothing industry for many years. Of course, she is quite the fashion expert and is in charge of both, hers and Tim's wardrobes. Cindy is vivacious, outgoing and simply fun to be around. We can understand how Tim fell in love with her.

Tim, on the other hand, is a little more quiet. But as the night went along he came out of his shell and truly was as fun as Cindy to shoot. Tim works as a police officer with the LAPD and he is also a reservist with the US Army, with his unit located in Santa Barbara. In fact, Tim's reserve unit will be deploying to the middle east in the next few months. This will be his second deployment to the war zone. Please remember to keep him in prayer so that he returns safely and back into Cindy's loving arms. Thank you, Tim, for your service.

The night ended at one of their favorite restaurants, Buca di Beppo in Pasadena. We had a great conversation and ate lots of yummy italian food. They serve the food in "family portions" so, needless to say, our bellies were very full. Thank you, Tim and Cindy, for a great evening. With that much fun how can we call it work?Tim's cool hot rod. He's still working on it but between the LAPD, the US Army Reserves, and Cindy where does he find the time? Congratulations, once again, Tim and Cindy. We look forward to "working" some more on your wedding day. You two are truly a pleasure to be around!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Soup in a Bread Bowl Proposal

We met Thomas and Amy earlier this year during their engagement shoot. They are definitely a fun couple who love the outdoors. Their hobbies include rock climbing, hiking and snowboarding (to name a few). As a matter of fact... he proposed to her while on a hike and told us about how, in order not to ruin the surprise, he obliged Amy with her request for soup in a bread bowl to be brought on their long hike. Too extravagant of a request? Not for a man in love. To her amazement, Amy got much more than soup that afternoon and the rest is history.Their wedding was full of beautiful colors: blues, reds, yellows, greens, aqua, orange, pink and violet... all in the setting of the Catalina Island beachside with the expanse of the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop. Romantic?... To say the least. Congratulations Thomas and Amy! May God bless your marriage and the years to come.

Thomas is a doctor specializing in Podiatric Medicine and you can visit his website at

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Gift

It's early in the morning and I (Tony) can't sleep. You're (Danielle) passed out on the bed with the boys. So I thought I'd write you a simple note. I was reminded today that you are my gift... a blessing from God... something to be cherished... and the one I am to love. I love you, babe.

Even when we're disagreeing... I LOVE YOU!
Even when we're misunderstanding one another... I LOVE YOU!
And even when everything's not perfect between you and I... I LOVE YOU!

May God help me to show the love that He's given me to you most of all... undying and unending with purpose and a plan.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

America's Next Top Model

Taking pictures of children is such a different experience than weddings. As I begin to do more portraits I am challenged by the varying avenues photography can lead to. Alexis was born to be in front of a camera. She has this little, sweet, sassy innocence about her that makes shooting her portrait so much fun. America's Next Top Model lookout! At the age of 5 she is already building quite the resume. Be sure to check out some of her modeling skills at Neige.

Thank you Alexis for an awesome afternoon. We love you!