Monday, June 9, 2008

Soup in a Bread Bowl Proposal

We met Thomas and Amy earlier this year during their engagement shoot. They are definitely a fun couple who love the outdoors. Their hobbies include rock climbing, hiking and snowboarding (to name a few). As a matter of fact... he proposed to her while on a hike and told us about how, in order not to ruin the surprise, he obliged Amy with her request for soup in a bread bowl to be brought on their long hike. Too extravagant of a request? Not for a man in love. To her amazement, Amy got much more than soup that afternoon and the rest is history.Their wedding was full of beautiful colors: blues, reds, yellows, greens, aqua, orange, pink and violet... all in the setting of the Catalina Island beachside with the expanse of the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop. Romantic?... To say the least. Congratulations Thomas and Amy! May God bless your marriage and the years to come.

Thomas is a doctor specializing in Podiatric Medicine and you can visit his website at

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Jasmine Marie said...

Aww what a sweet and memorable moment. :)