Monday, May 26, 2008

Honor, Sacrifice and Bravery

Last summer we had the honor of volunteering at a homecoming event on Camp Pendleton, California, hosted by Cynthia Martinez of Words of Comfort, Hope & Promise. We helped welcome home hundreds of men and women returning from Iraq with a flag ceremony. This flag ceremony was like nothing I had ever seen. The flag was provided by Superflag and I love what they stand for - to bring patriotism, nationalism and American sentiment back into our society. There were over 150 volunteers who participated in the ceremony and on that afternoon patriotism was thick in the air as so many volunteers came together to make the day possible. What a wonderful day it was celebrating the service of our soldiers.As the soldiers’ faces made their way through the cheering rows of supporters a tear rolled down my face. I realized at that moment how disconnected I had been to the reality of the war in Iraq and how many lives were personally affected by it. You see… I am one that has a hard time watching the news and seeing all that is bad in this world, so on many occasions I disconnect. This disconnection changed that afternoon.

Being surrounded by the men and women of our armed forces I could not help but notice how young they were. Some seemed like boys still in high school causing my heart to be deeply moved. None of this seemed right but the reality of it all was brought to the forefront of my consciousness. Seeing them face-to-face and listening to their stories changed me forever and I instantly became connected to these brave souls. We pray for the many men and women fighting for our country today. And we do not forget the sacrifices they and their loved ones have made in risking each precious life for our freedoms and our nation. As Memorial Day commemorates we must also never forget the many U.S. soldiers who have given their lives while serving our country. We thank the families of our fallen heroes from the bottom of our hearts. We desire to continue our support for the soldiers and their families in any way possible.

On this day I learned more about the importance of not only staying connected to the world but also acting upon our beliefs. Thank you to all who do so - the volunteers, Superflag and most importantly our soldiers and their families.

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