Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Red Carpet Affair in San Juan Capistrano

The occasion... Madie B's 10th Birthday. The theme... a Hollywood Premier. And the night did not disappoint with the appropriate glitz, glamour and girls - "Hollywood Style." They started arriving around 6:00 p.m. (dropped off by their parents in their Mercedez Benz, Lexus and Hummers) and were greeted by Madison, the red carpet and the paparazzi. All dolled up like movie stars, the party goers walked the red carpet and were full of smiles for the exciting night ahead. Of course, the birthday girl was dressed to kill in her designer dress and gloves with a bright blue boa accessorizing the outfit. To think that not too many years ago she was just a cute little baby. Don't grow up too quickly Madie. Enjoy your childhood. These are truly precious moments.
Peace, love and curly locks as Sammy strikes a pose for the cameras and onlookers.Even Lindsay Lohan's little sister showed up to the party with her designer luggage. j/k... Maggie is actually Irelyn's (pictured above) younger sister by a year. Don't they have the bluest eyes?Isn't Cha-cha soooooo adorable? You just can't take a bad picture with her in front of the lens. We love you, Charlotte! The night wouldn't be complete without a "Lights, Camera, Action" birthday cake. Here are all the stars of the evening: (back row from left) Judy, Madison Miller, Hailey, Charlotte, Sammy, Emily and (front row from left) Maggie, Sam, Madison, Savannah and Irelyn. Happy 10th birthday Madie B! And congratulations on your election as 5th grade Class President. Can you do something about the gas prices?

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