Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Karla + Bobby Part I

Finding that one special person that completes you, that loves you for exactly who you are and doesn't have an agenda on changing you isn't the easiest thing to find. I am sure some spend their entire lives searching for this perfect love but some are more fortunate. Take Karla, she is a strong women who knows who and what she wants in life and she isn't going to settle with less. That's what makes their story so special. There is no settling, there is no complications but just true raw love that happened by chance. By being at the right place at the right time as destiny would have it 6 years ago.
Bobby and Karla have been inseparable ever since. We spent the day in Hollywood (where they live) documenting this unique love they share. We had the most fabulous day ever.
We cannot wait for their wedding on October 11 at the beautiful Wattles Mansion in Los Angeles. We started the day off on the rooftop of their place that is located on Hollywood Blvd with the most gorgeous views ever. They have spent a lot time on this rooftop so it was a prefect setting to get them loosened up and taking a stroll down memory lane.Bobby & Karla, Your love is infectious. We love you and thank you for trusting us to document your big day! We look forward to many years celebrating your love and commitment. Love, Tony & Danielle

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