Friday, September 26, 2008

Tiffany Israel

I met Tiffany Israel during my annual Big Bear Scrapbboking Retreat at Apples Bed & Breakfast. She is quiet, talented, artistic, a friend, a daughter, a photographer, and a filmmaker. She is SPECIAL!
It was really cool to be there when she received the phone call from NewFilmMakersin Los Angeles. They were calling to congratulate her on the premiere of her Documentary "Exile State".
"Exile State" is a short documentary about a young woman's (Tiffany) journey to Arizona to comfort her father about his absence and to inform him that her mother has breast cancer.
The filmmaking was done by Emily Ray. I was honored to photograph this special event in Los Angeles. There are things that happen in life when you know they were meant to be. Meeting Tiffany and her mother, Vivanne are one of those times. God has truly blessed me through these ladies. I look forward to what Tiffany has around the corner.

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