Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Palm Springs

I wouldn't have missed this weekend for anything. Getting the chance to celebrate this special time with Karla is really something. We have known each other since the sixth grade and who would have thought that in a blink of an eye we would be here at this point in our lives. It means the world to me that through the years and even distance we still have each other. I treasure this girl. There is no one that can make me laugh more than me dear friend and bride to be, Karla.
We spent the weekend at the Viceroy in Palm Springs being silly girls.

The bride to be....
Girls just wanna have fun...

Blondey, I love you and am so glad to be here with you during the next chapter in your life. Thank you for giving me the honor of photographing your wedding. You and Bobby make the perfect couple and I couldn't be happier and more proud of you!
Lots of love, Smiley

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