Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Perfect Fit

Have you ever met two people who simply are perfect together? Let me introduce you to my beautiful cousin, Janece, and her wonderful fiance, Doug. They truly are perfect in more ways than one.
Not only do they complement each other's personalities so well but their "perfect fit"-ness pervades their entire relationship. Doug is a competitive cyclist who owns a fitness center, Shape Up of Corona Del Mar, and Janece is a personal trainer extraordinaire. On top of that... they are health food fanatics who recently introduced Tony and I to CHARD. Have you ever heard of "chard?" It's supposed to be good for you. Cooked properly, chard can be pretty tasty but let me warn you now - it will do a number on your digestive track ;) Enough about that.We've recently been able to spend some time with the happy couple and it has just been a blast. Doug has allowed us to participate in his weekly spin class (if you ever get a chance to go... #1 Remember to STRETCH! #2 Get there early because it is a popular class. and #3 Bring lots of water.), they've introduced us to Biagio's of Lake Forest (Biagio's serves some of the best pizza around), Doug has shared some wonderful organic wine (Tony thought all wine was organic until recently), Janece has introduced us to her favorite teas, and just a few days ago we had the opportunity to photograph them for their engagement at the grand estate of William Lyon in Coto De Caza.
We had so much fun on the shoot. The grounds were amazing, the subjects couldn't have been easier to photograph, romance was definitely in the air, and the perfect time spent was a natural extension of this awesome couple.Here's to you, Janece and Doug. We look forward to your wedding and to having a growing friendship with you in the years to come.

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