Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Our nieces and nephews were getting a little restless being out of school so we loaded up and went on little road trip adventure to Los Angeles. They had never been to "Hollywood" so we set out to show them as much as we could.
We took them down Sunset Blvd and then to Melrose. We had lunch at the famous Pink's Hot Dogs. Then to Hollywood Blvd. We only ended driving by Mann Chinese Theatre and then decided to head on down to Beverly Hills. This was the best move of the day because as we entered the beautiful streets of Beverly Hills we stumbled across a filming crew for Entourage. I had my camera ready to go (of course!) . We ended up in the middle of it all, thanks to Tony's mad driving skills. In a matter of minutes I was photographing Jeremy Piven which led to him coming up and talking to me. It was a pretty cool moment especially for all the kids. What more could we have asked for in giving them a true Hollywood experience. Plus I was especially thrilled as I love Jeremy's work. He co-star's in my favorite all time movie Serendipity. After all the excitement we got back on the road and headed to Santa Monica Pier for some Ice Cream and people watching. The perfect ending to a perfect day with the kids.Alexis is too cute to pass up a chance to photograph her. She is such a natural. Let's just say the camera loves her!!

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