Friday, May 7, 2010

Charis Financial, Inc.

We go way back. Back to the days of mortgages, VOE's and underwriting. Back to the good old days of working hard, pushing files, laughing and many inside jokes. Back to our early twenties. Chris Diaz and I met while working at H&R Block Mortgage/Option One back in the day.

I was thrilled when he contacted me to shoot head shots for him and his company that he started, Charis Financial, Inc. I am so proud of him and all of his accomplishments over the years. It is really cool to see friends succeed especially when you know where they started.
Here is a brief summary about what Charis Financial, Inc is all about. If you are in need of these services I highly recommened you give them a call. You will be in good hands.
"Charis Financial, Inc. is a Southern Californian commercial and residential short sale negotiation and real estate consulting firm. The founder of Charis Financial, Inc., Chris Diaz, started the company after years of experience in both the real estate and mortgage banking industry. His insider knowledge of how banks operate and what needs to happen for real estate to move in both booming and struggling real estate market has allowed him to build a highly effective and efficient short sale method only a seasoned veteran in the business can provide. His team of highly skilled processors and negotiators will ensure each clients needs are attended to and a level of service provided that is, and should be, demanded by both homeowners, business owners and real estate agents in this volatile market."

Meet his team Christy, Laura, Stephen, Sherlyn, Heidi and Amy.
It was great to see old co-workers and meet some new faces. I feel so removed from my old life in the mortgage business that it was really nice to catch up with everyone. Though I loved being an underwriter, I do not miss the mortgage business. I am so thankful to finally be doing what I was born to do but I will always miss all the fabulous people that I met over the years.

"Koolaid", it was fun working with you again. I look forward to seeing what your future holds. Keep in touch. "Reedy"

Charis Financial, Inc.

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