Monday, February 22, 2010

Jack Baur & Home Cooked Meals

It's just our thing we do. Monday night football is a thing of my past. I have hung up my Chargers jersey and seasons tickets and have moved onto bigger and better things. Like Jack Baur, a good ol' fashioned home cooked meal, my wonderful husband, Tony and two scrumptious boys (if you know me by now "my boys" refers to our two Jack Russell Dogs, Mac & Jonas).

Monday nights is "our" time. It is our time we spend laying cuddled up with a soft blanket and a full tummy with "the boys" sprawled out all over us. Our time to be sitting at the edge of our seats until we get through another episode of 24. Our time to babble about whatever we want, okay whatever I want and Tony listen with undivided attention. Our time to be thankful for ALL that God has blessed us with especially each other and our wonderful boys. Marriage isn't always easy and we think it is very important to set aside some time weekly just for each other (and okay there is always room for Jack).

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