Sunday, March 21, 2010

Glowing Candice

We recently moved into a great neighborhood. It is a pretty quiet area with beautiful landscapes in every direction of our house. One of our favorite things is that we live on a cul-de-sac that only has houses on one side of the street so our views from the front and backyard are beautiful. But our most favorite thing is that we our surrounded with great neighbors. It is such a nice change from our old place. We have had fun getting to know them and recently I got the chance to photograph our neighbor Candice who is now 11 weeks pregnant with their first child.
Hogan and Candice are an adorable couple. Hogan is serving in the Marines and has the kindest heart ever. He recently got back from his deployment in Iraq. They are finally getting a chance to enjoy each other as they hadn't been married too long before he had to leave. We were so excited when they told us of their good news. They are going to make wonderful parents.

I am going to shoot a Maternity Session in a few months when she is really showing but I thought it would be fun to casually document her progress monthly. Here is a few shots of Candice at 11 weeks.

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