Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Are We Going To Just Keep Pretending?"

Happy 4th Dating Anniversary. Our favorite of them all. Where has the time flown off to? Remembering back to March 4th, 2006 puts the biggest smile on my face. The long drive, the bread incident, the long open raw talks, our innocent friendship. Our Serendipitous meeting that was planned all along but we just hadn't got the memo yet. The unexpected. My "keeping it real". "ARE WE GOING TO JUST KEEP PRETENDING?"
Isn't it crazy the roller coaster that life brings but knowing we are strapped in side by side together somehow makes it so much less scarier. Knowing that together with the help of our precious heavenly Father we can get through the ride of life.You complete me and I love hitting these milestones with you. I cannot wait to grow old with you.
I love you with ALL my heart.
Love, Danny aka The bread monster

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